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        Everyone’s talking about it, but what will it mean for us? Find out when we see the first driverless car and what the next steps are.

        LEVEL 1

        Driver assistance: The current BMW Personal CoPilot driver assistance systems support drivers on the road and help ensure additional safety and comfort.


        LEVEL 2

        Partly Automated Driving: The Steering and Lane Control Assistant make daily driving much easier. They can brake automatically, accelerate and, unlike Level 1, take over steering.


        LEVEL 3

        Highly Automated Driving: The car will be able to drive autonomously over long distances, such as on motorways. The driver, however, must be able to take over control within a few seconds.


        LEVEL 4

        Fully Automated Driving: The car can handle highly complex urban driving situations, such as the sudden appearance of construction sites, without any driver intervention.


        LEVEL 5

        Full Automation: The car performs any and all driving tasks. Drivers don’t need to be fit to drive and don’t even need to have a license. Everyone in the car is a passenger.


        Discover the amazing world of Automotive Life!

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